Hospitality Products for FnS

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A range of Stainless Steel Buffet Risers and Chafing Dish Stands for “F n S”.



Snowflake Buffet Riser – It can be dismantled and takes up very less space on the Buffet Setup.FDS_00441

Snowflake Ice-Housing.FDS_9736

SS Sheet Chafing Dish Stand (Rectangle) manufactured using bending and cutting Process only.FDS_9750

Flambé Chafing Dish Stand – The Flame pattern has been Laser Cut on the Front of a regular rectangular stand.FDS_9779

SS Sheet Chafing Dish Stand (Circle) manufactured using bending and cutting Process. FDS_9829

Starry Night Buffet Riser.



A beautiful Lotus Snack Warmer is a charmer for any Celebration – manufactured with SS spoons put together in a peculiar pattern.